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 A What I Have Been Reading post. Huh, turns out I'm not reccing any WIPs this time.

Not In The Brochure[personal profile] beer_good_foamy . 600w, probably PG, complete.
Seconding Rebcake's rec of glorious Chosen crack. Rarely have I laughed so hard... at Spike's final words...? It's amazing.
Crazy Madcap Redemption[personal profile] hello_spikey . Spike/Drusilla, 16 chapters, complete. Probably R.
In which Drusilla gets the character arc she DESERVES! There's also a very nice Fred, who gets to live and have tea with Dru and chat about gender roles. I'm so glad [personal profile] restfield  recced this on tumblr.
Profit and Lace - ljs. Giles/Anya, 14,162w, T, complete.
I think [personal profile] rahirah  recced the series on tumblr. Anyway, delightful lovely s7 oneshot with Characterization and feelings but also lines like "He gleamed like money". :)


Something Gray - [personal profile] pfeifferpack . Spuffy, but mostly gen, 54,755w, PG, complete.
The conversations that Spike and the Scoobies should have had in season 4. Cathartic.
"Joyce smiled indulgently, “Yes, Spike, and we’ve discussed this sort of thing before. Your manliness and power are more than your ability to hunt and kill, you know that! You are more than some mindless eating machine. We’ve talked about lifestyle choices.”"
Headache - Sunalso. Spuffy, 592w, NC-17, complete. Period fic! \o/ It's season 2, but not squicky in the obvious (age) way.
The Edge - Sigyn. 41,319w, E with rape warnings, complete. Cameos of past Buffy and Spike ships. A beautiful, very close post-series Spuffy with cuddles and communication, which makes it possible for them to face and analyze some dark, twisted parts of themselves. They really dive into the discussion; there are almost constant, in-depth  and graphic references to rape, so, you know, your mileage may vary.
A Touch of Her Style - myrabeth. Spuffy with past Spike/Nikki, 49,339w, R, complete.
Great premise, great execution, squee, and the premise is this:
"Season 2, but with a different pre-series history. Robin Wood moves to Sunnydale to back up Buffy in her on-going battles with Drusilla. But when Buffy's romance with Angel takes a dark and dangerous turn, Robin determines his assistance won't be enough, and calls in some back up of his own: the old family friend who wears his mother's coat."
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This is what I posted on Seasonal Spuffy for School Hard weekend. The kits are not in their original state, so (1) you can take a look what people have made so far, and (2) you can absolutely still make new stuff.

Title: Not a Spectator Sport
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: School Hard (as material), indeterminate (as actual setting)
Rating: PG-13 (potentially)

NotesYou know how I sometimes mutilate shooting scripts? This isn't one of those times. This time, I invite *you* to mess with a transcript. 
This is meant to work like magnetic poetry: you can drag the words around and arrange them into new phrases. Further suggestions on how to play with the words are under the cut. I'm using the word 'poetry' broadly: it can be whatever you like. I hope it's fun.

Links to poetry kits:

To play with the very first words Spike and Buffy exchange (and also Stupid Thing by Nickel), go here.

To unleash Buffyspeak on Spike's threat to kill Buffy's friends and some other dialogue bits, go here.

To marvel at how little it takes to make the "do we really need weapons" conversation sound dirty, go here.

Further notes )
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Hi, practicing again.
I thought it would be funny to reuse Victor Hugo's chapter titles. This is set during Bargaining, so... nope, not funny. More like point-of-viewy and character-study-ish, with lots of angsty puns and no action.
I have a nagging feeling that a few thoughts in there are something I've read in fic. So if you see me rehashing you, oops, please take it as a compliment that your fic is in my headcanon.
Feedback is like pancakes (only better, because I wouldn't actually eat pancakes... but I would eat feedback).

Words: 500
Rating: T
Warning: the reason for the rating is a v. fuzzy, brief reference to the tower scene in Bargaining pt. 2 -- so, suicidal ideation?
Setting: Bargaining
Characters: Scooby ensemble

Words are here )
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 It appears that last month I read poetry and time travel, and plot-relevant smut, and *really odd* smut, and slow-burn romance that didn't feel slow, and a couple of stories that boldly went, 'soulless vampires can be people, NOW WHAT?'

Let me tell you all about it... )
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Summary: Here it is, the unexpectedly sprawling backstory of Cobra!Spike from the Meerkatverse. A vampire-FREE AU featuring... a most spooky albino cobra! Drusilla the snake girl: part human, part complete mystery! Darla, an equestrian genius… twice! Angelus, an artist of much sophistication both onstage and behind the scenes! Zebras that tap dance! A wolf that fights crime! And, of course, old ringmaster Heinrich Nest, Europe’s first lion tamer and notable hobby preacher.
Words: around 2500.
Rating: T? I think? Some people die and are hurt, which is all non-graphic, but there's also implied weirdness of the interspecies kind.
Notes: I think I may like plots after all, but it seems plots don't like me yet. Absolutely feel free to tell me about my rookie mistakes so I can work on avoiding them. I'd also prefer to know if anything is still seriously confusing.
Oh, Yuki Makimura is not my invention but a historical Japanese slayer in the Buffy comics. Thanks, Buffy wiki!
Deepest thanks to tumblr user alightintheswamp ([tumblr.com profile] alightintheswamp ) for coherence beta. That's right, it was worse before.

Fic here )
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 An I Have Been Reading Some More post. :)


The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix) by DragonsPhoenix. Anya/Snape, G, 8415w, complete.
Restfield was right, this is ingenious and fun! Severus Snape is a customer of the Magic Box. "A relationship in letters, e-mails, and wedding invitations."

The Problem with Kindly Interventions by Quinara. Dawn&Andrew, G, 1094w, complete.
Post-series friendship ficlet with an awesome and deeply satisfying twist on the Sharing a Bed trope.

mermaid magic by The_Eclectic_Bookworm. Jenny/Giles with considerable background queerness, G, 13,140w, complete.
AU in which most everyone is very, very cute. Also, they're pirates and mermaids.
Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast by beer_good_foamy. Fuffy, PG13, ~900w, complete.
Lovely, quieter Fuffy moment after Homecoming. How do you slay a vampire with a bottle of wine? :)

River Mist by the_moonmoth. G, 159w, complete.
Gorgeous Post-Chosen grief poem.
Somewhere to Be Flying zabjade. PG, 540w, complete.
It's not just an ice-skating ficlet, it's a season 6 ice-skating ficlet!
Hills of Iowa by the_moonmoth. G, 2910w, complete.
Post-NFA. Buffy has a new job, a kind of a meditative one. There's insight and forgiveness. <3

The Page of Wands by Quinara. T, 11,319w, complete.
TAROT. Advanced tarot. And Buffy gets to hang out in Spike's head.
Here We Go by halincandenza. NC-17, 8,654w, WIP!
Trans!Buffy! He goes by Ezra now! His friends are wonderfully supportive, and so's his mortal enemy. ^^ It's all adorable and educational... until the Initiative, then it's horrifying and educational.
A Most Exquisite Corpse by yellowb, sandy_s, relurker, acekoomboom, bewildered, Rezol87, Sunalso, Cohava, OffYourBird. NC-17, 27,420w, complete.
It's an exquisite corpse! Each author only saw the last paragraph of the previous chapter. And then they got inventive... they kind of had to. *g*
Crossing into unchipped territory by dutchbuffy. M, 74,619w, complete.
(Thanks for the tip, double_dutchess!) Buffy lands in an alternate dimension and meets an unchipped Spike, and it's all plot twists and trope subversion from there. *sighs happily*
The sequel also subverts tropes, mostly the trope that pregnant people can't have horrible, grotesque adventures.
A Different Kind of Hell by OffYourBird. NC-17, 90,153w, complete.
Spuffy accidentally travel from season 5 to Victorian England, and it's *so good*. Womanaction recced it on tumblr, but I'll rec it again. There are wonderful historical details and poetry, and at least one huge, fun plot twist, and... time is weird. :)
Crave a.k.a. FILF by NautiBitz. Explicit and tabu, 42 chapters, complete ostensibly a WIP, but the plot is resolved
I'd been avoiding this fic because I thought it would upset me, based on the summary. But then Sigyn recced it on EF. :D It DID upset me, but it's such a masterfully crafted AU! I don't think I've seen any all-human story preserve the darker, more twisted aspects of canon Spuffy so thoroughly. The obvious upsetting parts were handled as delicately as is probably possible without ruining the plot (well, except when the characters happened to like things that squicked me, and then they wallowed in them... mileages seriously vary with this fic, judging from what I saw of the other comments). And there WAS plot! With amazing twists and backstory. Also, there was so much kink. So much. :)

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It's me again, with the practice ficlets.
SummaryWho’s writing a hymn to Spike? I’m not writing a hymn to Spike! Andrew is.
Words: 952
Rating: a tame T probably. Non-explicit violence, a canonical four letter word.
Notes: title adapted from a real chapter title in Les Miserables, two sentences quoted from the AtS episode "Damage".
Caveat: I know nothing about Roman magic except what I read in two short Wikipedia articles, one of which I promptly lost track of.
Caveat #2: you know those people who are great at style and can write cringy Andrew in an entertaining way, because their text is only cringy in intended ways? Yeah, I wish.

Read more... )

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 In which buzwuzz attempts to rhyme things with "Grantaire", "Pontmercy" and "Fauchelevent" and doesn't even try with "Laigle".

Read more... )
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A What I Have Been Reading post. In the unlikely event that anyone has less good Buffy fic to read than they have time to read it, it could be a rec post.
* The Moment I Wake Up - beer_good_foamy (Lorne, 321w, PG, complete)
Rebcake pointed it out to me. Recommended to people who like Lorne, music, or hope.
* In Pursuit of William - dutchbuffy (Lydia/Spike, 19,228w, E and gets rapey, complete)
Rahirah recced dutchbuffy on tumblr for being weird and other fun things, so I've been exploring. This story started as the most relatable Spike smutfic I've ever read and... went places. :)
* The Faith and Spike series - dutchbuffy (Faith/Spike, 81,612w total in 3 works, E with non-canon major character death in the first part, graphic Angelus in the third part, complete)
Very sweet and full of interesting adventures.
* One Gazelle in All the World - Baphrosia (890w, R, complete)
I'd say this is the ultimate animal crack AU, if it weren't for the penguins. It gets right something that the Penguinverse doesn't: Buffy and Spike are natural enemies. There are other fun correspondences to canon, too.
* [sequel of the butterfly/moth AU] - bogwitch (short and maybe T, complete)
Think of the babies.
* Here and Now - feliciacraft (2444w, M, complete)
Happy place - beautiful future Spuffy as if suspended in peace (well, mostly) and love.
* A Rare Find - feliciacraft (1000w, T, complete)
* The Restfield Irregulars - bewildered (gen for now, 6377w, M, WIP!)
The demon!kids from "Halloween"! Choosing Spike as their leader in the demon life! Forgot who recced it, but THEY WERE RIGHT.
* Help Wanted - Baphrosia (27,500w, T, WIP!)
Early s4 s3! teamwork adventure.
* Ever Sun, Ever Moon - St Ephiny (84,516w, NC-17, WIP!)
The Moonmoth recced it. The author of this story wrote a series "Buffy Yells at the Scoobies (a lot)", and this aspect is, um, present in this story, as well. YMMV. BUT! There's a ton of poetry beautifully worked into the story, delicious H/C, and some exciting plot that includes demon trials customized for Buffy.
* Accursed - FlightsofFancy (77,465w, R, WIP!)
Another of the Moonmoth's recs that I second LIKE WHOA. Wonderfully creepy-cute season 5 rewrite. For a change, 0% of the creepy is due to Spuffy. Did I mention it's pretty? And spooky? And sweet?
* Here Are Your Specs - Sigyn (2172w, T, complete)
The specifications Spike gave Warren for the Buffybot.
* Daybreak - Sigyn (1390w, G, complete)
Emotional H/C with post-series soulful!Spike remembering his past. Some thinky thoughts, first-rate cuddling.
* Bad Man - dutchbuffy (8618w, E, complete)
Disturbingly good rendering of what it's like to be s7 school-basement-era Spike. Oh, also time-travel smut.
* Turing Test - dutchbuffy (21,191w, E, complete)
A Spikebot story. Post-NFA grief, suspense, funny jokes, *and* intense weirdness.
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 …that I happened to read kinda recently and that I personally haven’t already recced, in reverse chronological order. The list leans towards Spuffy crack.
This is the result of a 6-month backlog of reccable fic, after Buffyverse Top 5 fried my fic processors.
I'm too sleepy and impatient to do @mentions.

  • 2014, complete: Slayer Unleashed by EllieRose101 (11,802w, NC-17, Spuffy). I’m reccing it for sudden, fabulous background polyamory that ties in to the overall themes of the fic, but you should know it’s a very claim-filled sequel of a claimfic. I thought it had a few neat fantasy details re: how a psychic link thing would work in everyday life.
  • 2012, complete: sung me moonstruck, kissed me quite insane by storyqdayx5d (3580w, E and Underage, Buffy/Drusilla). I found it through  Restfield​‘s Drusilla recs on tumblr, and I want to second. It’s beautiful and hot, and Buffy is very Buffy, and Drusilla is extremely Drusilla. It WORKS.
  • 2012, complete: untitled Spike and Buffy Season 4 bodyswap ficletby athenniel (278w, not rated but probably T, pre-Spuffy). This seems different from most other bodyswap fic I’ve seen, in that it brings out how disturbing it could be to have someone else wear your body, especially someone as dedicatedly annoying as s4 Spike. It’s like a nonstop tennis match of snark and pettiness. I love it.
  • 2012, complete: Love Me, Love My Dog by Rebcake​ (990w, PG, Spuffy and background Sprusilla). It’s Spike! As a terrier! Actual Dog!Spike! I thought it was adorable and accurate.
  • 2012, complete: Torn by Quinara (517w, T, Spuffy). Author’s summary: “The end of Smashed, only where Buffy and Spike are a butterfly and a moth… Go with it?” Rebcake​ told me it exists, over here.
  • 2011, WIP: the Green Card verse by brutti_ma_buoni (61,063w, G to M, Spuffy). Buffy fake-marries Spike for important plot reasons in season 4. I think the_moonmoth recced it recently.  I thought it was prettily playful and funny, and many, many other good things besides, and I really dug the way that canon elements kept surfacing in unexpected shapes and combinations.
  • 2011, complete: The Watcher’s Council Wellness Retreat by gabrielleabelle (5155w, G, s6 canon Scoobie ships). A kind of light-hearted… farce? that got painfully accurate at times. The Scoobies need therapy for many, many reasons. :)
  • 2010, complete: Those Who Favor Fire by angearia (1184w, PG-13, Spuffy). You’ve seen Spuffy ice skating fic (or you might have), now get ready for EXCELLENT Spuffy ice skating fic (I mean if you haven’t)!
  • 2010, complete: Ceteris Paribus (All Else Being Equal) by Beer Good (1500w, PG13, gen). SO MANY puns. From author’s summary: “In canon, Buffy and Willow are Psychology majors. Isn’t it funny how that echoes in a lot of the themes in season 4? What if they’d picked a different subject, like… oh, I dunno… Economics?”
  • 2010, complete: LADIES PREFER BLONDES by moscow_watcher (3000w, PG13, Spuffy). Glorious bodyswap genderswap (or sex-swap technically, ofc -- it's a temporary girl!Spike, okay) crack, good for the soul. It had so many plot twists, and I laughed practically the whole way.
  • 2009, complete: Tabula Not Rasa by moscow_watcher (3252w, R, Spuffy). Again with the amazing plot twists and thoroughly entertaining smutcrack, featuring a fun headcanon about the Powers that Be.
  • 2009, complete: Stick Shift by Stultiloquentia (4812w, E, Spuffy). Author’s summary: “Buffy stakes herself a vampire.” It’s what it sounds like (see the rating), and it’s EXQUISITE, poetic and thinky and everything else.
  • 2007, complete: Maturity Vs. Experience by hello_spikey (4353w, NC-17, Spike/Giles). Spike and Giles kind of get drunk and have a maturity contest that they both lose? I thought it was really funny.
  • 2006, complete: Collide by Enigmaticblue (68,410w, T, Spuffy). Kind and perceptive, and hopeful. From author’s summary: “What if that house-demolishing in Smashed was a metaphor with a different meaning than the writers gave it?” Recommend the meta at the beginning of the fic if you’re not reading the fic itself.
  • 2002, complete: Because It’s Wrong by mahaliem (1246w, R, Spuffy). Honestly, the sheer age of it fills me with awe. And, well, it makes some good points… (Approximately 50% of this fic is Spike talking dirty.)

Bangel poem

Jun. 9th, 2017 10:51 am
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I have the Bangel poem out of my system! \o/ Hopefully the most morbid thing I will ever write. *g* Warnings for season 3 Bangel and what it entails: think Amends, The Prom.

Love, please don't trust me; it will end in tears )


I felt this poem required an exorcism, so I jotted down something like its anti-poem. It cheered me up. If you want to try it, I think you might at least forget the doom and gloom while you try to figure out what the hell some lines here are supposed to mean. :D I apologize to the English language.

Tears will clear the way for new paths. )

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Remember when I said I wanted to write 500 words a month? Here's what it has led to, in combination with doing nothing of the sort for most of May.

The thing is based on one question Rahirah asked on LiveJournal, ah, fiveish years ago: “If Lorne had a daemon, would it be some kind of Pylean critter?“

My short answer is no. My long answer is a little under 900 words and possibly almost as incoherent and implausible than Pylea canon itself, which is no mean feat.
Well, at least I had fun. This is largely an accountability post.


Krevlornswath does not have a demon. Only witches have those, and there are no witches in the Deathwok clan. (Much later, it becomes politically correct to say “daemon”. Lorne’s family never buys into the new-fangled nonsense.)
He hears voices, that’s all — a common curse. Even cattle get it. The trick is not to encourage the devils: you don’t respond. You don’t listen, or you might become the devil’s instrument, head full of devil’s intervals, possibly practicing the devil’s scales.
Naturally, you don’t sing in harmony with the voices.
This is what a lack of fresh air and bracing violence will do to a growing child.

Read more, but seriously, only if you'd like )
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I'm still alive and well, just preoccupied.

One of my latest distractions was reading an article about zero waste. I knew before that it's a thing, but something clicked this time, and now it's a thing I want to try soon. In moderation! Actual zero waste seems like a waste of attention (there must be more efficient ways to protect the environment) and also pretentious, though very poetic and inspiring. But I like the general mindset. The author of the article I read said she'd stopped thinking of trash as something you throw OUT and started thinking of it as something you throw INTO... the ocean, the ground, whatever. Not whatever. Finding out where it goes and reminding myself it doesn't go poof is important.
So there's some chance this might become a trash journal... in more ways than previously...

I think I'll try No Plastic July (by which they mean no single-use plastic). Sounds fun and educational! I still have some time to figure out what adjustments or equipment I need.

Last week, I obtained a new bag for zero moneys because my grandma was moving house (the town grandma is becoming a countryside grandma! Chaos abounds) and she found 3 spare bags to get rid of, so I took one. The bag is not exactly my style, but it works for putting stuff in... It looks durable, and the size is okay, and, most importantly, it's not slowly rotting in a dump somewhere & I didn't have a new one made. I should probably leave most style questions for things like writing if I'm at all serious about less waste.

Also last week, I went on one grocery run without buying any disposable packaging. Okay, there was a rubber band around a bunch of dill, but I didn't throw it out when I got home. :D I cheated and only bought fruit and vegetables that time, but it still felt like a huge revelation that I can weigh veggies in my own plastic bags that I already had! Nobody cares if I get new ones or pull them out of my pocket. No idea why I thought they would care. I also made the sacrifice of buying a whole melon instead of a plastic-wrapped half. ;)

@ the person who's expecting a private message, it's now caught in a whole network of procrastination and sudden, disrupting non-procrastination, but I'll get to it. With glee even.
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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 3 (3).

: mildly NSFW
Notes: Some visual associations with the fic Necessary Evils by [personal profile] rahirah . I do not own the images (sources below). My laptop protected me from running out of time by refusing to let me edit colors. Obviously, this does not exhaust the themes, imagery, or coolness of NE, but I didn't feel like dragging it out another two weeks (or more).
I wonder if the image posting will work this time.

image )

Image sources:
Astoria Park Pool by Michelle Young via untappedcities.com
"the One" by Hardiansyah Ardi via
100 Dollar Pool Game by Chris Pichado via
Homeless by Rian Castillo via
Direction by Yasmeen via
Papa Ghede on the cover for The Invisibles
Nov. '98 by Brian Bolland (detail) via Pinterest
Video: Voodoo Lounging by CedarCoveTigerPark via
The Untitled by Nurul Huda via
Fridge magnet "kind, caring, compassionate, and kinkier than you'd expect" by beanforest via

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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 2 (3).

Title: Something White
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: AU based on Something Blue
Rating: T, probably (but it's a WEIRD T)
Word count: 412
Summary: Around two years later, Meerkat!Buffy and Albino!Cobra!Spike seem to be under a mysterious spell. Can their love transcend species?
Notes: Thank you again to [livejournal.com profile] seapealsh for language beta.

Something White

ficlet right here )

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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 1 (3). Featuring, for the first time, the itallics that I forgot to add while posting on LiveJournal. :D

Title: Meerkat Hard
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: AU based on School Hard
Rating: G, I think
Word count: 471
Summary: How do you think School Hard would have gone if Buffy was a meerkat?
Notes: This is a ripoff of the All-Penguin AU, the Serengeti-verse, etc., inspired by rule 5 of the posting guidelines. A big thank you to [personal profile] seapealsh for helping make sure the thing is written in real English.

Meerkat Hard
ficlet right here )

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To celebrate importing my entries and comments to Dreamwidth, I thought I'd share some adult content (by Livejournal's standards). I noticed these pretties while rereading[personal profile] herself_nyc 's  “Manhattan Nocturne”. :)

1. Hunks! \o/ Saturday Evening Post cover for 08.06.1932 by JC Leyendecker (source - there's a great article about the artist here, too!)

2. Man in Long Underwear by Joseph Christian Leyendecker (source)
Look at this glorious underwear ad of 1915! That profile! ;) What do you think? Would you buy the product? :D

image )

3. Ad for Interwoven Socks “Highest Honors Everywhere” by JC Leyendecker, 1922/1923 (source)
Don't you love some gratuitous phallic imagery?

image )

4. Gentlemen with Golf Clubs by JC Leyendecker (source)
Gentlemen Fondling Elongated Objects, Probably Checking Out the Very Nice Arms of Other Gentlemen
image )

5. WWI recruiting poster “These men have COME ACROSS” by Frank Xavier Leyendecker (the other Leyendecker!) (source)
Can you make propaganda any more gay? ^^ (Also check out the big throbbing calls to action, the indication of urgency, the vague appeal to values... this was written as an ad alright.)

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 I've started watching a TV series that's a proper drama-filled soap opera, but everyone's a meerkat. It's fabulous! Or maybe it's more like a reality show, since they've got cameras all over the home and neighborhood and the humans are just making a story out of what the meerkats happen to do. (Creepy. They show the cameras sometimes.) And someone is definitely going to leave the show now and again. Nature is brutal, man.
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I wondered if picking shorter fic would make moodboarding simpler and faster, so I chose a oneshot that's close to my heart - [livejournal.com profile] herself_nyc's Manhattan Nocturne (10,715w, explicit, Spike/Drusilla and Spike/others). That was last year.
I've pretty much ignored the part of the fic after Spike stops eating people, because it doesn't give me the same warm fuzzy feelings and I didn't manage to unite both.

collage )

Links to image sources:
A1 B1 C1 D1
A2 B2 C2 D2
A3 B3 C3 D3
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The weekend was not conductive to clearing backlogs, except for the limerick backlog.
Les Mis got really exciting for a few moments!

Read more... )

Champmathieu's limerick (and, can you believe it, I can now spell his name) )

Javert's limerick )

Fantine's limerick (I can now pronounce her name, but it doesn't make her any less dead) )


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