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Hi, practicing again.
I thought it would be funny to reuse Victor Hugo's chapter titles. This is set during Bargaining, so... nope, not funny. More like point-of-viewy and character-study-ish, with lots of angsty puns and no action.
I have a nagging feeling that a few thoughts in there are something I've read in fic. So if you see me rehashing you, oops, please take it as a compliment that your fic is in my headcanon.
Feedback is like pancakes (only better, because I wouldn't actually eat pancakes... but I would eat feedback).

Words: 500
Rating: T
Warning: the reason for the rating is a v. fuzzy, brief reference to the tower scene in Bargaining pt. 2 -- so, suicidal ideation?
Setting: Bargaining
Characters: Scooby ensemble

Words are here )
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Summary: Here it is, the unexpectedly sprawling backstory of Cobra!Spike from the Meerkatverse. A vampire-FREE AU featuring... a most spooky albino cobra! Drusilla the snake girl: part human, part complete mystery! Darla, an equestrian genius… twice! Angelus, an artist of much sophistication both onstage and behind the scenes! Zebras that tap dance! A wolf that fights crime! And, of course, old ringmaster Heinrich Nest, Europe’s first lion tamer and notable hobby preacher.
Words: around 2500.
Rating: T? I think? Some people die and are hurt, which is all non-graphic, but there's also implied weirdness of the interspecies kind.
Notes: I think I may like plots after all, but it seems plots don't like me yet. Absolutely feel free to tell me about my rookie mistakes so I can work on avoiding them. I'd also prefer to know if anything is still seriously confusing.
Oh, Yuki Makimura is not my invention but a historical Japanese slayer in the Buffy comics. Thanks, Buffy wiki!
Deepest thanks to tumblr user alightintheswamp ([tumblr.com profile] alightintheswamp ) for coherence beta. That's right, it was worse before.

Fic here )
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It's me again, with the practice ficlets.
SummaryWho’s writing a hymn to Spike? I’m not writing a hymn to Spike! Andrew is.
Words: 952
Rating: a tame T probably. Non-explicit violence, a canonical four letter word.
Notes: title adapted from a real chapter title in Les Miserables, two sentences quoted from the AtS episode "Damage".
Caveat: I know nothing about Roman magic except what I read in two short Wikipedia articles, one of which I promptly lost track of.
Caveat #2: you know those people who are great at style and can write cringy Andrew in an entertaining way, because their text is only cringy in intended ways? Yeah, I wish.

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 In which buzwuzz attempts to rhyme things with "Grantaire", "Pontmercy" and "Fauchelevent" and doesn't even try with "Laigle".

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Bangel poem

Jun. 9th, 2017 10:51 am
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I have the Bangel poem out of my system! \o/ Hopefully the most morbid thing I will ever write. *g* Warnings for season 3 Bangel and what it entails: think Amends, The Prom.

Love, please don't trust me; it will end in tears )


I felt this poem required an exorcism, so I jotted down something like its anti-poem. It cheered me up. If you want to try it, I think you might at least forget the doom and gloom while you try to figure out what the hell some lines here are supposed to mean. :D I apologize to the English language.

Tears will clear the way for new paths. )

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Remember when I said I wanted to write 500 words a month? Here's what it has led to, in combination with doing nothing of the sort for most of May.

The thing is based on one question Rahirah asked on LiveJournal, ah, fiveish years ago: “If Lorne had a daemon, would it be some kind of Pylean critter?“

My short answer is no. My long answer is a little under 900 words and possibly almost as incoherent and implausible than Pylea canon itself, which is no mean feat.
Well, at least I had fun. This is largely an accountability post.


Krevlornswath does not have a demon. Only witches have those, and there are no witches in the Deathwok clan. (Much later, it becomes politically correct to say “daemon”. Lorne’s family never buys into the new-fangled nonsense.)
He hears voices, that’s all — a common curse. Even cattle get it. The trick is not to encourage the devils: you don’t respond. You don’t listen, or you might become the devil’s instrument, head full of devil’s intervals, possibly practicing the devil’s scales.
Naturally, you don’t sing in harmony with the voices.
This is what a lack of fresh air and bracing violence will do to a growing child.

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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 2 (3).

Title: Something White
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: AU based on Something Blue
Rating: T, probably (but it's a WEIRD T)
Word count: 412
Summary: Around two years later, Meerkat!Buffy and Albino!Cobra!Spike seem to be under a mysterious spell. Can their love transcend species?
Notes: Thank you again to [livejournal.com profile] seapealsh for language beta.

Something White

ficlet right here )

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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 1 (3). Featuring, for the first time, the itallics that I forgot to add while posting on LiveJournal. :D

Title: Meerkat Hard
Author: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: AU based on School Hard
Rating: G, I think
Word count: 471
Summary: How do you think School Hard would have gone if Buffy was a meerkat?
Notes: This is a ripoff of the All-Penguin AU, the Serengeti-verse, etc., inspired by rule 5 of the posting guidelines. A big thank you to [personal profile] seapealsh for helping make sure the thing is written in real English.

Meerkat Hard
ficlet right here )

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The weekend was not conductive to clearing backlogs, except for the limerick backlog.
Les Mis got really exciting for a few moments!

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Champmathieu's limerick (and, can you believe it, I can now spell his name) )

Javert's limerick )

Fantine's limerick (I can now pronounce her name, but it doesn't make her any less dead) )
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Reposting from tumblr with some formatting adjustments. I managed to step away from season 6 this time. :)
alightintheswamp helped me.
372 words total, a bunch of big images under the cuts.

#1 dance
Season 2-ish Spuffy.
Made of Marti Noxon's shooting script of "The Prom".

blackout version )

text version )

highlight version )

#2 Whatever happened to the still-beating heart of a virgin?
Season 5 Spuffy.
Made of Douglas Petrie's shooting script of "Enemies".

NSFW, and I kind of got bored with black and white as I was adjusting spacing.

blackout version )

text version )

highlight version )

#3 it's over.
Season 7 Spuffy.
Made of Joss Whedon's shooting script of Graduation Day Part Two.

blackout version )

text version )

highlight version )

#4 I'm thinking how I wanna spend my last night on Earth.
Clearly, a "Chosen" outtake.
This one is basically a dick joke. Made of Dan Vebber's shooting script of "Zeppo". NSFW.

blackout version )

text version )

highlight version )
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This is a short bit of silliness that I posted on tumblr while I was locked out of LJ. I'm livejournalizing it now to put the other things I just posted into perspective for myself: the other things certainly have better spelling.

Genre: bredlik
Character: Buffybot
Rating: probably T? M? Canon weirdness.

pome )
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Words: 200
Rating: T?
Setting: Spuffy ice-skating date in a vague post-series happy ending.

Notes: this is some of the cheesiest schmoop I've written so far, up there with "past SHATTERS". As for dialogue, I think I'm just gonna keep them all mute next time. Sprusilla backstory here.
I know there's at least half a dozen Spuffy ice skating things out there. The one that reminded me how much I like the concept was this vidlet by [livejournal.com profile] double_dutchess.

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Words: 779
Rating: T?
Summary: Spike and Drusilla go ice skating in Hyde Park in 1895. Fluff with drowned kittens.

Notes: [livejournal.com profile] double_dutchess said on [livejournal.com profile] sb_fag_ends: "Can't you just see [Spike] going skating with Drusilla around the turn of the century?" I could see it so well I decided to write a drabble, which got absolutely out of hand, so I ended up doing a bunch of things I'm not at all confident about. Like dialogue. Oddly, I don't hate the result.
Concrit welcome! Tell me what kinds of beta I need. Ask me simple questions about turn-of-the-century ice skating. Or just enjoy (hopefully).
Oh, I borrowed some stuff from poems, mostly here and here, mostly what Spike says to Dru.
Spike's views on corsets are not my own.
There's a tiny Spuffy epilogue/coda thing that I'm going to post in a few minutes.

Borrowed Warmth

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I scooped approximately 600 words together into something that almost has a plot. I mean, time passes, so that's something. I'm not sure it has any other redeeming qualities. Puns aren't a redeeming quality, right?
Reworded characterization warning: I don't feel close to Angel, so I mostly tried to avoid outright bashing. Looks like it worked.
People who like pentacles, apologies. There are only so many things I can do with 5 equal line segments.

The Story of Angle

Five times Angel was a geometrical figure and one time he didn’t care what he was.

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text-only (actually legible) version )
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Ah, this is really all over the place. Read at your own hazard.

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I'm going to try a thing for remembering character names.
limerick )
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I made pretty many things this year! *happy dance* Keeping them small definitely helped. Wonderful feedback and support also helped!

Spuffy things
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Buffy things
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Fandom things
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Random things
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I read a fic that made me want to write a villanelle. I'll rec later, with warnings and disclaimers, but meanwhile, here's what I made. It's fandom-free (except for rhyming night with bite), slightly broken, and strongly influenced by "Bill Bergson, Master Detective" ("Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist").
Slaughter and revision assisted by [livejournal.com profile] remirestraven.

poem-shaped construct )
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Look, it's 200 words of meta thinly disguised as fiction! This is a good day.
They're all about Truman the security guy. Don't even ask. :D Warnings: melodrama, suicide, POV character losing faith in humanity.

#1 (Did Camus Cover This, Because I Didn't Notice)

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#2 (*Fierce Dar Williams Voice* No-one's Innocent)

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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Poem: e.e.cummings - this evangelist...
Line: chucks and rolls
Warning: inept soft porn

half-drabble )

(50-word format is hard, man. I feel like I'm mutilating the ideas I start with way more than usual. I think real drabbles are going to be more fun. :)
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