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Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Remember when I said I wanted to write 500 words a month? Here's what it has led to, in combination with doing nothing of the sort for most of May.

The thing is based on one question Rahirah asked on LiveJournal, ah, fiveish years ago: “If Lorne had a daemon, would it be some kind of Pylean critter?“

My short answer is no. My long answer is a little under 900 words and possibly almost as incoherent and implausible than Pylea canon itself, which is no mean feat.
Well, at least I had fun. This is largely an accountability post.


Krevlornswath does not have a demon. Only witches have those, and there are no witches in the Deathwok clan. (Much later, it becomes politically correct to say “daemon”. Lorne’s family never buys into the new-fangled nonsense.)
He hears voices, that’s all — a common curse. Even cattle get it. The trick is not to encourage the devils: you don’t respond. You don’t listen, or you might become the devil’s instrument, head full of devil’s intervals, possibly practicing the devil’s scales.
Naturally, you don’t sing in harmony with the voices.
This is what a lack of fresh air and bracing violence will do to a growing child.

Read more, but seriously, only if you'd like )


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