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(1) How Dreamwidth today is different from Livejournal fifteen years ago

- cool recent post by muccamukk, with lots of people talking in the comments about their experiences and ways to  find/create more fannish activity on DW. Note: subscribing to [community profile] fictional_fans  is paying off (this was linked there).

In relation to this, I'm feeling good about newslettering this fine morning.
(I had the above post open in a tab while Heralding yesterday, and it was v. motivating to see a lot of people basically go, 'Newsletters! They're so useful, too bad they take a lot of work.' (Also yesterday, while running a DW search for "buffy" as one does, I noticed a person who was pretty much like, 'wait, BtVS has a fandom? neat!', & let me tell you it felt good to be able to direct 'em to the newsletter; & then I woke up to their response comment saying they were indeed interested and glad to find content.))

(2) I think it must have been a couple of weeks since [personal profile] kitewithfish  linked the below delightful article from 2013 (technically a transcript of a conference talk), but I still really want to relink it here, because I enjoyed it so, so much:

Fan is a Tool-Using Animal by Maciej Cegłowski (guy who developed Pinboard, which is a bookmarking site I admit I wasn't really aware of)

Some highlights from Fan is a Tool-Using Animal:

"When is the last time you saw an anonymous comment thread or collaborative doc end in general happiness
(Not long ago, safe to say. The guy had clearly been looking at the wrong threads.)

"Due to the provocative nature of their writing, fans often find themselves subjected to... censorship.... We saw an example just recently when Tumblr, after being acquired by Yahoo, decided to ban pornography. That ban included blanking out public search results for the keyword 'gay'."
Wait, tumblr has been pulling this shit since ~2013 at least?

"terrible interfaces serve a protective function, where they keep the community insulated from drive-by visitors and require new contributors to endure a a period of apprenticeship and lurking"
Does anyone have thoughts on this?

"Just because you wrote it doesn't mean you know what your site is for
That's beautiful. He provided some great examples, like the use of icons on LJ.

"We're always told that the Internet is alienating; subcultures like fandom prove that the opposite is true
Some people get it. <3 The whole article gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings about fandom.

Date: 2018-12-28 11:22 pm (UTC)
teigh_corvus: ([Art] Gorey T)
From: [personal profile] teigh_corvus
Oh thank you for posting these! I've been meaning to read 'Fan is a Tool-Using Animal', but it keeps slipping from sight. [I'm relatively certain I have it stashed in four separate places, but that's not doing me much good at the mo'.]

Date: 2018-12-30 03:06 am (UTC)
gracenm: Buffy in the episode Forever (Default)
From: [personal profile] gracenm
Thanks for these! Of course I enjoyed them!


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