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Time for a feel-good post! Sunalso did this meme on Pillowfort and invited anyone to join her. I'm going to add some Elysian Fields stats at some points, because I can.

I posted my first fic on AO3 on January 25th, 2016.
I posted my first fic on Elysian Fields on June 10th, 2017.
I have 25 works on AO3, and 11 of them are on EF. (EF also tells me I have written 2936 comments, totalling 131,514 comment words. That's more than my EF fic wordcount. It's not more than my total fic wordcount, but together with AO3 comments it probably would be. I'm a chatty reader.)

What are your five most popular works? (starting with the most kudos)
(1) The Limericked Adventures of Bob the Hellmouth Cop
(2) An Inquiry into the Source of Slayer Powers by W W Pentagon
(3) (all's well that ends in figure skating)
(4) The Story of Angle
(5) Borrowed Warmth

On EF, only looking at oneshots, (all's well that ends in figure skating) is tied with DeLuxe Instant GenderBender for most likes, and Origin of the Perpetual Adoration is third.

What are your five least popular works? (starting with the least kudos)
The Whirlwind Family Circus
The Truman drabbles
Something White
Love, please don't trust me; it will end in tears
Origin of the Perpetual Adoration

On EF, looking at comments now because that's easier, Haikus Illegal in Several States doesn't have a lot yet, and the other two with the fewest comments are Accomplishment of the Promise Made to the Dead Woman and Something White.

Are you surprised? Why?
It doesn't surprise me that the Bob limericks are the most popular, given that they had killer advertising. (Also, it's easy to enjoy and react to bite-sized comedy.)
It does keep surprising me that the Flatland fusions are so high up, mainly because I had no writing skills to speak of when I wrote those. I suppose that's what crack concepts will do for ya.
The figure skating ficlets are fairly popular, because, c'mon, figure skating. It's automatically cute, right?
It does not surprise me at all that the circus fic is at the bottom. It's a mess, and completely different in tone from the rest of the series. Also, I may have scared a readers off with the tags.
The Cabin in the Woods thing is just obscure (and also not really fic).
The brooding villanelle is pretty much where it belongs.
It surprises me somewhat that Something White isn't very popular. I think it has to do with the tags/summary. The concept may weird people out, and the readers who would give me kudos just because meerkats would have already done that with Meerkat Hard. (Also, plot holes this big *gestures*.)

Optional: If you want to calculate this, what is your works’ average number of notes?
Average kudos per AO3 fic: 9.6, hey, that's kudos!!
Average hits per AO3 fic: 139
Average kudos/hits ratio: 1:14, not terrible

Actually, I should have looked at kudos/hits for most well-liked fic... but finding out for sure which those are would take time, and I have to stop procrastinating at some point. I've noticed that Spread Your Little Wings is doing effing fabulously in that respect: it has 74 hits and 8 kudos. 'In Which the Reader Will Ponder a Verse Which Had to Do With the Resurrection of a Vampyre, Possibly' has 52 hits and 5 kudos: the title scares most readers off, but the ones who take the chance and read seem to be relieved... Ooh, Black Sheep has 27 hits and 4 kudos, and He Reads has 30 hits and 4 kudos. Also, the Ship Haiku and 15 Cinquain Poems have 4 kudos with a little over 40 hits.

Today’s date, so you can see how your results might change if you do this again in a year:
December 27th, 2018.

If anyone else wants to do this, please do! I think you can substitute your archive or archives of choice if AO3 isn't it.


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