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I'll be seeing a lot more of this view with my new commuting direction.
It was built in the 20s, using the top parts of German zeppelin hangars (and I think that's kind of amazing).
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If you had a time machine, which time (specific date or era) would you choose to visit and why? (asked by [livejournal.com profile] freecat15 - thanks!)

To pop in and out, the early 1900s. I'd like to meet the people who thought that apartment buildings should be decorated as hard as you can (pics below the cut), plus I'd get to see these buildings as they were in the beginning, fresh coat of paint and all. Just to take a walk around Riga.
If I had to stay there for an indeterminate amount of time, I'd go for the early 1920s. That way I'd have a whole 20 years in which my country is independent (nice to have, I mean, I'm used to it), and there would be a ton of good fiction and discussion (for instance, they had a long detailed argument about mythology and its relation to art in one of the daily newspapers... I think). And I would know to get out before the Soviet invasion. Move to Switzerland or something for WW2. :/
I don't think I would be the kind of time-travelling character who fixes things. I think I should be, but I have little clue how and less determination to act on said clue. And this has nothing to do with history. (The way to find out if I'd be the kind of Peggy Sue who makes things better is to look at what I do in my time, here.)

And now, pics of pretty house.

pics )
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This morning, the walk to work came with this sight.

It looked like there were wishes written on the ribbons. It's not traditional here or anything, but so pretty!

Also, I'm experimenting with not friends-locking every single thing.


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