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Turns out Disney is remaking the movie into something pretty and nostalgic with Emma Watson. I was more excited before I saw the trailer.

Here are some pretty pictures I found while making the "West of the Moon, East of the Sun" moodboard.

Girls on polar bears
bigger pics and links )

Symbolism on symbolism
bigger pic and link )

Snow on cemeteries
bigger pics and links )

Fic moodboards are a lot of fun - like rereading, only more - and I'm going to make a few more. After receiving a comment from the ghost of KnifeEdge, I've given up on picking authors that I think won't see the thing (the original plan was to do this at first so the owners of the words can't tell me I got it wrong - I'm over it).
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Hey, folks! Hope you're all well. Today I messed around with "The Cabin in the Woods" and free-floating excerpts of "The Mincing Mockingbird: Guide to Troubled Birds", like this.

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This morning, the walk to work came with this sight.

It looked like there were wishes written on the ribbons. It's not traditional here or anything, but so pretty!

Also, I'm experimenting with not friends-locking every single thing.


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