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Remember when I wanted to make a mood board for WotM,EotS, but got distracted by the intertextuality and made something more like a list of references in picture form? Well, at minimal prompting from [livejournal.com profile] dancingdragon3 over at [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan, I threw together a post about the fairytale references and parallels in the fic that distracted me. I violently dislike how disjointed and incomplete this post is (and, also, it did the thing where it sounds like a draft for a school assignment), but if you're prepared to wade through it, I'd love to know what other WotM,EotS readers think about all the varied fairytaleness. I'm certain there's a lot that other people have noticed or remembered about WotM,EotS and I haven't!

Links to fic

fairytale synopsis )

the itemized squee )

Now that you know some of what went through my head...
collage from back in November )
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Turns out Disney is remaking the movie into something pretty and nostalgic with Emma Watson. I was more excited before I saw the trailer.

Here are some pretty pictures I found while making the "West of the Moon, East of the Sun" moodboard.

Girls on polar bears
bigger pics and links )

Symbolism on symbolism
bigger pic and link )

Snow on cemeteries
bigger pics and links )

Fic moodboards are a lot of fun - like rereading, only more - and I'm going to make a few more. After receiving a comment from the ghost of KnifeEdge, I've given up on picking authors that I think won't see the thing (the original plan was to do this at first so the owners of the words can't tell me I got it wrong - I'm over it).
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Fandom: mythology/ fairy tales (I decided it would be a fandom for the purposes of listing five fandoms that I could write in)
Poem: Robert Service - "The Mountain and the Lake"
Line: "Proudly patrician, passionless, serene;"
Character I chose: EglÄ— the Queen of Grass Snakes
Warning for very vague bestiality and disturbing implications

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