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My friends list from Circling the Wagons is still 2 or 3 times bigger than what I actually read. Initially I put some people on inbox notifications and thought I'd get a feel for the rest of the flist via, you know, reading the actual flist (and then I'd know who to unfriend so it's all not too overwhelming). Yeah, this plan didn't work. I've settled into a comfortable routine of ignoring 2/3 of my flist while only reacting to inbox notifications. Which is glaringly unfair of me. So. Now I intend to start actually looking at those people's journals gradually, and to get on with unfriending some in the meantime.
All of which is to say:
If I abruptly start paying attention to you or unfriend you, that's why. Because I can't handle the size of my flist.
And if I've unfriended you but you'd prefer to keep reading my journal, pls say so. I'm leaving this post public so you can. If a few people say so, I think I'll make some of my posts public in the future (now everything is f-locked).
Ugh. Logistics.
On the other hand, I'm excited to see what y'all are talking about there while I, you know, ignore you by my own choice.


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