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 It appears that last month I read poetry and time travel, and plot-relevant smut, and *really odd* smut, and slow-burn romance that didn't feel slow, and a couple of stories that boldly went, 'soulless vampires can be people, NOW WHAT?'

Let me tell you all about it... )
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 An I Have Been Reading Some More post. :)


The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix) by DragonsPhoenix. Anya/Snape, G, 8415w, complete.
Restfield was right, this is ingenious and fun! Severus Snape is a customer of the Magic Box. "A relationship in letters, e-mails, and wedding invitations."

The Problem with Kindly Interventions by Quinara. Dawn&Andrew, G, 1094w, complete.
Post-series friendship ficlet with an awesome and deeply satisfying twist on the Sharing a Bed trope.

mermaid magic by The_Eclectic_Bookworm. Jenny/Giles with considerable background queerness, G, 13,140w, complete.
AU in which most everyone is very, very cute. Also, they're pirates and mermaids.
Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast by beer_good_foamy. Fuffy, PG13, ~900w, complete.
Lovely, quieter Fuffy moment after Homecoming. How do you slay a vampire with a bottle of wine? :)

River Mist by the_moonmoth. G, 159w, complete.
Gorgeous Post-Chosen grief poem.
Somewhere to Be Flying zabjade. PG, 540w, complete.
It's not just an ice-skating ficlet, it's a season 6 ice-skating ficlet!
Hills of Iowa by the_moonmoth. G, 2910w, complete.
Post-NFA. Buffy has a new job, a kind of a meditative one. There's insight and forgiveness. <3

The Page of Wands by Quinara. T, 11,319w, complete.
TAROT. Advanced tarot. And Buffy gets to hang out in Spike's head.
Here We Go by halincandenza. NC-17, 8,654w, WIP!
Trans!Buffy! He goes by Ezra now! His friends are wonderfully supportive, and so's his mortal enemy. ^^ It's all adorable and educational... until the Initiative, then it's horrifying and educational.
A Most Exquisite Corpse by yellowb, sandy_s, relurker, acekoomboom, bewildered, Rezol87, Sunalso, Cohava, OffYourBird. NC-17, 27,420w, complete.
It's an exquisite corpse! Each author only saw the last paragraph of the previous chapter. And then they got inventive... they kind of had to. *g*
Crossing into unchipped territory by dutchbuffy. M, 74,619w, complete.
(Thanks for the tip, double_dutchess!) Buffy lands in an alternate dimension and meets an unchipped Spike, and it's all plot twists and trope subversion from there. *sighs happily*
The sequel also subverts tropes, mostly the trope that pregnant people can't have horrible, grotesque adventures.
A Different Kind of Hell by OffYourBird. NC-17, 90,153w, complete.
Spuffy accidentally travel from season 5 to Victorian England, and it's *so good*. Womanaction recced it on tumblr, but I'll rec it again. There are wonderful historical details and poetry, and at least one huge, fun plot twist, and... time is weird. :)
Crave a.k.a. FILF by NautiBitz. Explicit and tabu, 42 chapters, complete ostensibly a WIP, but the plot is resolved
I'd been avoiding this fic because I thought it would upset me, based on the summary. But then Sigyn recced it on EF. :D It DID upset me, but it's such a masterfully crafted AU! I don't think I've seen any all-human story preserve the darker, more twisted aspects of canon Spuffy so thoroughly. The obvious upsetting parts were handled as delicately as is probably possible without ruining the plot (well, except when the characters happened to like things that squicked me, and then they wallowed in them... mileages seriously vary with this fic, judging from what I saw of the other comments). And there WAS plot! With amazing twists and backstory. Also, there was so much kink. So much. :)

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A What I Have Been Reading post. In the unlikely event that anyone has less good Buffy fic to read than they have time to read it, it could be a rec post.
* The Moment I Wake Up - beer_good_foamy (Lorne, 321w, PG, complete)
Rebcake pointed it out to me. Recommended to people who like Lorne, music, or hope.
* In Pursuit of William - dutchbuffy (Lydia/Spike, 19,228w, E and gets rapey, complete)
Rahirah recced dutchbuffy on tumblr for being weird and other fun things, so I've been exploring. This story started as the most relatable Spike smutfic I've ever read and... went places. :)
* The Faith and Spike series - dutchbuffy (Faith/Spike, 81,612w total in 3 works, E with non-canon major character death in the first part, graphic Angelus in the third part, complete)
Very sweet and full of interesting adventures.
* One Gazelle in All the World - Baphrosia (890w, R, complete)
I'd say this is the ultimate animal crack AU, if it weren't for the penguins. It gets right something that the Penguinverse doesn't: Buffy and Spike are natural enemies. There are other fun correspondences to canon, too.
* [sequel of the butterfly/moth AU] - bogwitch (short and maybe T, complete)
Think of the babies.
* Here and Now - feliciacraft (2444w, M, complete)
Happy place - beautiful future Spuffy as if suspended in peace (well, mostly) and love.
* A Rare Find - feliciacraft (1000w, T, complete)
* The Restfield Irregulars - bewildered (gen for now, 6377w, M, WIP!)
The demon!kids from "Halloween"! Choosing Spike as their leader in the demon life! Forgot who recced it, but THEY WERE RIGHT.
* Help Wanted - Baphrosia (27,500w, T, WIP!)
Early s4 s3! teamwork adventure.
* Ever Sun, Ever Moon - St Ephiny (84,516w, NC-17, WIP!)
The Moonmoth recced it. The author of this story wrote a series "Buffy Yells at the Scoobies (a lot)", and this aspect is, um, present in this story, as well. YMMV. BUT! There's a ton of poetry beautifully worked into the story, delicious H/C, and some exciting plot that includes demon trials customized for Buffy.
* Accursed - FlightsofFancy (77,465w, R, WIP!)
Another of the Moonmoth's recs that I second LIKE WHOA. Wonderfully creepy-cute season 5 rewrite. For a change, 0% of the creepy is due to Spuffy. Did I mention it's pretty? And spooky? And sweet?
* Here Are Your Specs - Sigyn (2172w, T, complete)
The specifications Spike gave Warren for the Buffybot.
* Daybreak - Sigyn (1390w, G, complete)
Emotional H/C with post-series soulful!Spike remembering his past. Some thinky thoughts, first-rate cuddling.
* Bad Man - dutchbuffy (8618w, E, complete)
Disturbingly good rendering of what it's like to be s7 school-basement-era Spike. Oh, also time-travel smut.
* Turing Test - dutchbuffy (21,191w, E, complete)
A Spikebot story. Post-NFA grief, suspense, funny jokes, *and* intense weirdness.
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 …that I happened to read kinda recently and that I personally haven’t already recced, in reverse chronological order. The list leans towards Spuffy crack.
This is the result of a 6-month backlog of reccable fic, after Buffyverse Top 5 fried my fic processors.
I'm too sleepy and impatient to do @mentions.

  • 2014, complete: Slayer Unleashed by EllieRose101 (11,802w, NC-17, Spuffy). I’m reccing it for sudden, fabulous background polyamory that ties in to the overall themes of the fic, but you should know it’s a very claim-filled sequel of a claimfic. I thought it had a few neat fantasy details re: how a psychic link thing would work in everyday life.
  • 2012, complete: sung me moonstruck, kissed me quite insane by storyqdayx5d (3580w, E and Underage, Buffy/Drusilla). I found it through  Restfield​‘s Drusilla recs on tumblr, and I want to second. It’s beautiful and hot, and Buffy is very Buffy, and Drusilla is extremely Drusilla. It WORKS.
  • 2012, complete: untitled Spike and Buffy Season 4 bodyswap ficletby athenniel (278w, not rated but probably T, pre-Spuffy). This seems different from most other bodyswap fic I’ve seen, in that it brings out how disturbing it could be to have someone else wear your body, especially someone as dedicatedly annoying as s4 Spike. It’s like a nonstop tennis match of snark and pettiness. I love it.
  • 2012, complete: Love Me, Love My Dog by Rebcake​ (990w, PG, Spuffy and background Sprusilla). It’s Spike! As a terrier! Actual Dog!Spike! I thought it was adorable and accurate.
  • 2012, complete: Torn by Quinara (517w, T, Spuffy). Author’s summary: “The end of Smashed, only where Buffy and Spike are a butterfly and a moth… Go with it?” Rebcake​ told me it exists, over here.
  • 2011, WIP: the Green Card verse by brutti_ma_buoni (61,063w, G to M, Spuffy). Buffy fake-marries Spike for important plot reasons in season 4. I think the_moonmoth recced it recently.  I thought it was prettily playful and funny, and many, many other good things besides, and I really dug the way that canon elements kept surfacing in unexpected shapes and combinations.
  • 2011, complete: The Watcher’s Council Wellness Retreat by gabrielleabelle (5155w, G, s6 canon Scoobie ships). A kind of light-hearted… farce? that got painfully accurate at times. The Scoobies need therapy for many, many reasons. :)
  • 2010, complete: Those Who Favor Fire by angearia (1184w, PG-13, Spuffy). You’ve seen Spuffy ice skating fic (or you might have), now get ready for EXCELLENT Spuffy ice skating fic (I mean if you haven’t)!
  • 2010, complete: Ceteris Paribus (All Else Being Equal) by Beer Good (1500w, PG13, gen). SO MANY puns. From author’s summary: “In canon, Buffy and Willow are Psychology majors. Isn’t it funny how that echoes in a lot of the themes in season 4? What if they’d picked a different subject, like… oh, I dunno… Economics?”
  • 2010, complete: LADIES PREFER BLONDES by moscow_watcher (3000w, PG13, Spuffy). Glorious bodyswap genderswap (or sex-swap technically, ofc -- it's a temporary girl!Spike, okay) crack, good for the soul. It had so many plot twists, and I laughed practically the whole way.
  • 2009, complete: Tabula Not Rasa by moscow_watcher (3252w, R, Spuffy). Again with the amazing plot twists and thoroughly entertaining smutcrack, featuring a fun headcanon about the Powers that Be.
  • 2009, complete: Stick Shift by Stultiloquentia (4812w, E, Spuffy). Author’s summary: “Buffy stakes herself a vampire.” It’s what it sounds like (see the rating), and it’s EXQUISITE, poetic and thinky and everything else.
  • 2007, complete: Maturity Vs. Experience by hello_spikey (4353w, NC-17, Spike/Giles). Spike and Giles kind of get drunk and have a maturity contest that they both lose? I thought it was really funny.
  • 2006, complete: Collide by Enigmaticblue (68,410w, T, Spuffy). Kind and perceptive, and hopeful. From author’s summary: “What if that house-demolishing in Smashed was a metaphor with a different meaning than the writers gave it?” Recommend the meta at the beginning of the fic if you’re not reading the fic itself.
  • 2002, complete: Because It’s Wrong by mahaliem (1246w, R, Spuffy). Honestly, the sheer age of it fills me with awe. And, well, it makes some good points… (Approximately 50% of this fic is Spike talking dirty.)

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Things I posted on Seasonal Spuffy, 3 (3).

: mildly NSFW
Notes: Some visual associations with the fic Necessary Evils by [personal profile] rahirah . I do not own the images (sources below). My laptop protected me from running out of time by refusing to let me edit colors. Obviously, this does not exhaust the themes, imagery, or coolness of NE, but I didn't feel like dragging it out another two weeks (or more).
I wonder if the image posting will work this time.

image )

Image sources:
Astoria Park Pool by Michelle Young via untappedcities.com
"the One" by Hardiansyah Ardi via
100 Dollar Pool Game by Chris Pichado via
Homeless by Rian Castillo via
Direction by Yasmeen via
Papa Ghede on the cover for The Invisibles
Nov. '98 by Brian Bolland (detail) via Pinterest
Video: Voodoo Lounging by CedarCoveTigerPark via
The Untitled by Nurul Huda via
Fridge magnet "kind, caring, compassionate, and kinkier than you'd expect" by beanforest via

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I wondered if picking shorter fic would make moodboarding simpler and faster, so I chose a oneshot that's close to my heart - [livejournal.com profile] herself_nyc's Manhattan Nocturne (10,715w, explicit, Spike/Drusilla and Spike/others). That was last year.
I've pretty much ignored the part of the fic after Spike stops eating people, because it doesn't give me the same warm fuzzy feelings and I didn't manage to unite both.

collage )

Links to image sources:
A1 B1 C1 D1
A2 B2 C2 D2
A3 B3 C3 D3
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Remember when I wanted to make a mood board for WotM,EotS, but got distracted by the intertextuality and made something more like a list of references in picture form? Well, at minimal prompting from [livejournal.com profile] dancingdragon3 over at [livejournal.com profile] myth_fan, I threw together a post about the fairytale references and parallels in the fic that distracted me. I violently dislike how disjointed and incomplete this post is (and, also, it did the thing where it sounds like a draft for a school assignment), but if you're prepared to wade through it, I'd love to know what other WotM,EotS readers think about all the varied fairytaleness. I'm certain there's a lot that other people have noticed or remembered about WotM,EotS and I haven't!

Links to fic

fairytale synopsis )

the itemized squee )

Now that you know some of what went through my head...
collage from back in November )
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Whew, finally got around to finishing a thing. :)
This is a shot at capturing some of the feeling of reading the Spuffy fic Campfires (29,930w, NC-17, all-human AU, on EF here, on AO3 here) by Niamh ([livejournal.com profile] tangwstyl).

pic )

babble )

Links to image sources:
links )
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Guess how long I've been meaning to put this together. :)

1. Blew my mind already, and there isn't really any Spuffy to speak of yet - I mean I think nonSpuffy people might love this, too:
Read more... )

2. Not Spuffy-centric
Read more... )

3. Fave Spuffy

Read more... )

4. Some of the other good Spuffy

Read more... )

I'm certain I forgot and left out other things that are good, in part because it's been a while since the last rec post and who knows what I've forgotten since the beginning of October, in part because keeping track of stuff I read outside of Elysian Fields is hit and miss, and in part because I tried not to make this too long and dear god, does someone have a fic problem. As in, I read a LOT of stuff this time.
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Seasonal Spuffy repost #2. This is what I was agonizing about. Even still, I have so many outtakes I think I'll make a separate post later.

Title: Moodboard for "West of the Moon, East of the Sun"
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Author's notes
Based on "West of the Moon, East of the Sun" by KnifeEdge.
The goal was to recreate the feeling/mood of reading the fic, but then, intertextuality happened.
[livejournal.com profile] freecat15 helped and isn't responsible for my visual choices.
I don't own any images or other collage ingredients; sources at the bottom of the post, as much as I could find them.
collage )

Sources )
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Not Spuffy, but I really like it:
Ritual by rafestark. Faith/Tara, sort of Faith/everyone, has a rape warning, 45,520w, E, WIP!
A "take on how BtVS characters would really act in the old FOD scenario", with good characterisation and a refreshing look at the trope.

Liked it despite the Spuffy storyline:
My Life Closed Twice by anaross. Spike/Poetry, Spike/Buffy, needs a rape warning, 110,039w, R.
Post-series, Spike is a poetry professor, and Buffy's his stalker ex. Wonderful poetry analysis and other poetry-related things. The romantic storyline offended my delicate sensibilities, but the fic was still worth reading.

Great Spuffy:
Remember When by tempestt. 253,655w, NC-17, WIP!
All the Dawn backstory! Spike&Dawn caring for each other like family! Soulless Spike's capacity for love! General family-centricness! Fresh and interesting episode rewrites! Xander! Anya! Spike earning people's trust! Recommend wholeheartedly.

Good Spuffy:
Read more... )
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1. Not Spuffy, but I loved it

Altered States series by trepkos, 348,521w, mostly M, Spike/Riley. Take my word as a person whose initial attitude was "how would you even ship that and what for": it was amazing. Ask me how. )

2. Fave Spuffy

Blood by tei, 2836w, E. Actually read in July, but lost track of it among the other bloodfic (great problem to have). I love that this exists.

Hide and Seek by dreamweaver, 37,257w, NC-17. Turns out that dreamweaver's fics get repetitive when you archive binge on them, but this one is definitely worth it for the identity porn (Spike's human and demon sides and Buffy's relation to both). It's also fun to try and figure out what is going on.
Running Wild by dreamweaver, 63,244w, NC-17. Season 5 trip to parallel dimension with truly fascinating and fun worldbuilding. Side plotline: life is kind to Anya for a change.

3. Other good Spuffy

Read more... )
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First of all, I was very excited to discover the rec list Menstruation in the Buffyverse. I found some great stories through it (I'm linking a few of them below), and I'm just generally so glad it exists.

Not Spuffy or not only, but even I can see it's good anyway:

Read more... )

Favorite Spuffy fics:

Read more... )

Other good Spuffy:
Read more... )
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This is a bit of a drive-by post, so I'm not going to rank or categorize anything much, just drop links here for reference and swoon over the pretties a little.

Not Spuffy

Read more... )

Read more... )
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Not Spuffy (or not primarily), but I liked:

Read more... )

Older Spuffy that I loved:

A Spectator Sport (NC17, 3224w) - domestic future setting, great characterization. Yup. Characterization is totally why I enjoyed it.
The Heart of Her (NC17, 4060w) - menstruation H/C, yay!
Show Me How (NC17, 6062w)
Why Won't You Go (NC17, 3526w) - the full mid-season 6 experience
Acts of Contrition (PG-13, 2864w) - s7 H/C, bedtime story

Newer Spuffy that I loved:

Sigyn -
Immortal (R, 167,957w), mentioning again because it's now complete. A rewrite of "The Girl in Question" that makes sense AND is fully canon-compliant. As far as I'm concerned, this is what happened. It's also a beautiful love story. I heart it.
Attainathon (NC17, WIP) Fluffy Spuffy Smutty Stuff.

thisficklemob - Bed Wrinkles in Time (PG, 2030w) Ageing Buffy and her Spike!

Other Spuffy that I liked:

Read more... )


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