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To celebrate importing my entries and comments to Dreamwidth, I thought I'd share some adult content (by Livejournal's standards). I noticed these pretties while rereading[personal profile] herself_nyc 's  “Manhattan Nocturne”. :)

1. Hunks! \o/ Saturday Evening Post cover for 08.06.1932 by JC Leyendecker (source - there's a great article about the artist here, too!)
lots of glistening muscle on six men who are carrying a boat

2. Man in Long Underwear by Joseph Christian Leyendecker (source)
Look at this glorious underwear ad of 1915! That profile! ;) What do you think? Would you buy the product? :D

painting of a handsome man in old timey underwear

3. Ad for Interwoven Socks “Highest Honors Everywhere” by JC Leyendecker, 1922/1923 (source)
Don't you love some gratuitous phallic imagery?

a man with a square hat and erect diploma sitting on a globe

4. Gentlemen with Golf Clubs by JC Leyendecker (source)
Gentlemen Fondling Elongated Objects, Probably Checking Out the Very Nice Arms of Other Gentlemen
man with nice arms fondles a golf club, other man looks in his general direction thoughtfully

5. WWI recruiting poster “These men have COME ACROSS” by Frank Xavier Leyendecker (the other Leyendecker!) (source)
Can you make propaganda any more gay? ^^ (Also check out the big throbbing calls to action, the indication of urgency, the vague appeal to values... this was written as an ad alright.)

shirtless hunks loading a cannon

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